Back pain is something that often feels painful and leaves someone stuck in that pain until their only thought is surgery. However, there are six key wrongdoings that people have done that some spine specialists have seen that made their back pain much worse than what they originally struggled with the first time they had any back pain at all.

Ignoring your back pain is probably the worst thing to do when it comes to having any pain in your body. It’s your body trying to tell you something is wrong, it doesn’t feel right and that your body feels sick. Yet, while most back pain can relieve itself within a few weeks, if it is not going away after a certain period and duration of time then your best bet is to check with a spine specialist or a pain physician to see what is going on and why the pain has not gone away. If it stems from pain like a herniated disc, then your best option is surgery and of course any pain in your back can be checked by a pain doctor and it will be up to you and the doctor based on the condition of your back pain to see what some options you can do to relieve the pain.

The other problem that may cause your back pain to be a lot worse is relying too much on your general practitioner. A general practitioner is someone who you go to for wellness visits or someone who you get flu shots during the flu season. These types of physicians are not often well-trained in spinal problems. So seeking an accurate diagnosis means you would have to go to the spine professional in which your primary care doctor can refer you to and is also covered by your health care insurance.

Surgery is often the first thing people look at when they have back pain and in fact, that is the worst decision someone can make. Trying a non-surgical treatment like yoga or forms of therapy in which it helps ease the pain and endurance of how long it would last in your body. Surgery is often the best thing to do if there is actual damage to the spine like spinal compression factures or herniated discs pressing on spinal nerves. For genetic conditions like degenerative disc disease, it is better to focus on using physical therapy and exercise that combats the back pain in which the disease stems from.

If you have an exception to the rule where if you have back pain to wait until it gets better. It may not be back pain at all, but it could be something like a pinched nerve. This is where waiting to perform surgery is another mistake people make on a daily occurrence. If you have a pinched nerve that is causing weakness in your arm, it is better to do surgery to ease the pain and the pressure of that nerve so that there is no damage.

Image results from CT scans and MRI scans are also where some of the mistakes may lie. Relying too much on the image of your spine alone is what can cause people to be stuck with a diagnosis that is often incorrect. Having your images check by a certified spinal specialist can mean whether or not there is a treatment for your spinal condition or whether or not there are other forms of therapy you can try to lessen your pain.

The number one and top reason for worsening your back pain is by doing nothing to combat the problem. Any lack of activity from getting or receiving your back pain is what can cause the back pain to become worse. Don’t stay idle for too long. In fact, working on floor exercises or doing simple workouts that do not cause heavy impact on the spine can lessen the pain overtime. Staying active is always key to combating any back pain or physical pain.

If you can combat some of these ways in which can worsen your back pain, you are guaranteed to feel much better and more relieved of your symptoms.