Surgery is no joke when it comes to back and neck pain. But there many people who wish to avoid the surgery or the knife as long as possible. However, not many people know about the different types of therapies when it comes to treating your chronic neck and back pain.

For those who have chronic back pain, it can be hard to enjoy things in life. Surgery is often considered the last straw when other things don’t work out, but there are methods you can do in the doctor’s office or at home that can help you with this problem. The best methods include acupuncture and yoga. Yoga loosens the muscles in the body by using deep breathing techniques and holding poses for ten to fifteen minutes at a time. Some poses that help with back pain include the downward dog, the cobra and the happy baby. These focus on the lower back muscles, which is where some forms of chronic pain can occur. Acupuncture can focus on the points in the body where pain and stress can occur. It is a type of medicine used by the Ancient Chinese where it was to help with the flow of energy throughout the body. It channels positive energy and removes any negative feeling. There are other types of therapy you can do for back pain and that includes massage therapy, manipulation of the spine or manipulation of the bones (osteopathic).

Neck pain can also cause one to have problems turning their heads or using their necks because of the discomfort that can occur. The best method of treating neck pain is massage therapy. This type of therapy is good for short term, but the effects after a period of massage therapy use, can cause greater advantage to those who have neck pain from an auto injury or from an illness, both of those being short term uses for this type of treatment. However, long term chronic pain in your neck should be dealt with in forms of treatment that are suggested by your doctor.

Whatever the type of treatment you seek, always know that to manage the pain and overcome the debilitating problems with chronic back or neck pain, is to keep it up. But if none of the treatments mentioned in this post are to your liking, you can always take supplements, try other things like Tai Chi or relaxation techniques that bring your body to peace of mind.