Driving for long hours is not fun and it isn’t good for your back. Sure it helps when you can walk around in between the hours you have driven to give your lower back a break, but driving in a car for hours at a time should cause you to consider some special planning for your back.

Scheduling regular stops is a great way to get yourself relieved of back pain. When you sit in a position for extended periods of time, you need to know that it can cause your back muscles to tighten or spasm. So walking around for 30 minutes to an hour in between rest stops can help you stretch your lower back. If you can’t stop along the way or are sitting in highway traffic for a good mile or so, adjusting your seat every 15 to 20 minutes can encourage you to stretch your legs and muscles as long as you are not endangering your life on the road.

If you can’t seem to get your muscles to ease their tension, using a cold pack on your long trip can help you relieve some of the inflammation from sitting long hours in a car ride. You can fill a cooler with reusable ice packs and keep them nearby like behind the driver’s seat or passenger’s side. If you do not have reusable packs, then you can always DIY your ice packs by using plastic bags and water. Just make sure that option is leak free. Purchasing some instant ice packs are also great options for making sure you have something to grab when it comes to the road and making sure it does not impact how you drive. However, always make sure you have some sort of protective barrier between you and the ice pack of your choice or else you end up with an ice burn.

Trips are always crazy and sometimes people end up in a rush to get where they are going. But there are steps to make sure that you can enjoy your road trip and also help out your spine. If your lower back pain is severe that you can’t go four hours or twelve hours in one-day driving to your destination, you can break the twelve-hour drive into two days and always find a rest top or two when you are driving four hours in one day. It may be costlier to break up driving time when you are traveling long distances, but sitting down for long times in a car can often cause severe inflammation or discomfort. If you have options of finding unique destinations to check out along your way, then you can use those as rest stops to get out and stretch or refill the gas tank.

All in all, road trips and fun and adventurous. Sometimes you don’t know where you are going and sometimes you are just anxious to get to your destination to find out the fun options it might have in store. But making sure you put your spine and your body health above your travel plans is sometimes the greatest thing you can give back to your lower back pain.