WESLEY CHAPEL, Fla. – June 15, 2017 – Retiree Loyce Meaux suffered in pain for more than 13 years, following a total knee replacement.

“It really just kept getting worse and worse. Eventually the pain got so bad that I had to use a walker. I couldn’t take it,” said Meaux.

The 69-year-old went to several physicians over the years for various treatments.

“I had injections. I had blocks, shots, pills. You name it, and I’ve tried it.”

That all changed when Meaux moved down to Florida to be closer to her son, and met Arpit Patel, D.O., a double board-certified Pain Medicine and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation specialist at Florida Pain Medicine. He recommended that Meaux undergo Genicular Nerve Radiofrequency Ablation, a new and relatively unknown option for patients suffering from chronic knee pain, that have failed to respond to other treatments.

“During this procedure, we use a cutting-edge technology to apply a sophisticated type of radio wave to the nerves surrounding the knee, also known as the genicular nerves. As a result, we can relieve pain in a number of cases. This is done without surgery, often in the convenience of an outpatient facility,” said Dr. Patel.

Since undergoing treatment, Meaux says she’s walking around pain free.

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