Neck pain is not a fun thing. It can be hard to do anything. But some things you can do to ease the pain are as simple as drinking water to even finding the right mattress for your neck pain.

Staying hydrated is important. But what you didn’t know is that from birth to death, the vertebrae in your neck and spine are composed of water. It not only works for rejuvenating cells that are dried out, but also for your spinal column to maintain its shape. Drinking anything else but water is often going to put you closer to an improper spinal alignment. To keep water as part of your routine, you can easily do something like having a reusable bottle at work or drinking water along with your daily habits of brushing your teeth or before you go to bed.

Using your mobile phone is probably what can cause your neck pain. If you leave it in the crook of your neck, it could become a problem. Limiting the use of a device can often help with easing pressure on your neck. In fact, most people who have neck pain are often staring down at their phone, which is often placed lower than what your body would like to do. Try keeping it at eye level if you are starting to have problems with your neck.

Heat therapy is one of the other alternatives to neck pain. Applying a water bottle or a heating pad to your neck can often help with pain and discomfort in your tissues and muscles that protect your neck vertebrae. But that may not also be the only thing you can do, finding a mattress that is supportive to your neck and back can also be a good step in the right direction. Finding pillows that cushion your neck at night while also providing support can help with sore necks in the morning and throughout the day.

We all have pain. But we can use some of these methods to overcome chronic pain that can be debilitating. Something as simple as changing the mattress or finding the right pillow that provides support, along with exercise, hydration, and heat therapy are probably some of the ways in which you can overcome pain in some situations, but also ease the symptoms in the long run.