TAMPA, Fla. – February 14, 2017 – Bill Hemphill says he spent years working in chronic pain. It started back in 2010, when the construction worker, and Air Force retiree, developed a bad case of shingles in his arms, a very atypical case.

“I went through months of treatments, until my wife finally tracked down Dr. Maulik Bhalani.

He took one look at me and knew what needed to be done,” says Hemphill.

Hemphill returned to Dr. Bhalani a couple years later when he developed pain in his hands.

“The pain became so bad, that my left hand was virtually useless. I had to switch to wearing loafers because I could not even tie my shoes. Typing on a keyboard was impossible, so work became very difficult. Eventually the pain traveled all the way up my elbow,” said Hemphill.

Dr. Bhalani diagnosed the 65-year-old with regional sympathetic dystrophy, a pain disorder that is can persist following nerve disease such as shingles, or any nerve damaging etiology. Hemphill was treated with medications to little avail, until Dr. Bhalani suggested placing a spinal cord stimulator to permanently relieve his pain.

“During this very simple, outpatient procedure, a dorsal column stimulator is inserted in the patient’s spine to send a mild electric current to the spinal cord, blocking and overriding nerve activity, and thus controlling pain,” said Maulik Bhalani, M.D., the founder and CEO of Florida Pain Medicine.

“Almost overnight I was able to cut my medication use in half. I’m back in the gym, exercising and can play ball with my grandkids. It has really been life changing,” said Hemphill.

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About Florida Pain Medicine:
At Florida Pain Medicine our mission is to help our patients restore function and relive life. We offer complete, compassionate and comprehensive pain care, using the latest technological advances. Founded by Maulik Bhalani, M.D., our team of Board-Certified physicians treat every part of the body, relieving pain associated with bone, muscle and nerve damage, as well as illness-related pain, including cancer. Each of our physicians completed a fellowship program in interventional pain medicine. We implement a multi-disciplinary approach to treat patients pain, including interventional pain procedures, physical therapy prescriptions, modalities and pain medication management.